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JM is Chinese professional V grooving machine manufacturer and supplier with high cost-effective horizontal V grooving machine. Jianmeng has been focusing on production and sales of this equipment for 13 years, and doing its best to provide considerate services for customers from all over the world.

JIANMENG horizontal V grooving machine can be used to cut V-shaped grooves on all metal plates, such as copper plates, stainless steel plates, galvanized plates and so on. It has high economic benefits at medium to low utilization rates. The whole horizontal V grooving machine is stable after professional tempering heat treatment. It also support USB data import and WIFI remote control.

The horizontal V grooving machine manufactured by JIANMENG has ultra-high service life and can cope with long time non-stop working state. It also has high energy efficiency to significantly improve slot peed. JIANMENHG horizontal V grooving machine comply with CE standard and has been exported to many countries.

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CNC Horizontal High Speed V Groove Cutting Machine

CNC Horizontal High Speed V Groove Cutting Machine

The CNC Horizontal High Speed V Groove Cutting Machine is a professional V cutting equipment from JM, the Chinese manufacturer with the most types of V grooving machines. At medium to low utilization rates, the CNC horizontal high speed V groove cutting machines have high cost-effectiveness and economic benefits .

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JM is one of Horizontal V Grooving Machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. You are welcomed to come to our factory to buy the cheap, high cost efficient and high quality Horizontal V Grooving Machine. Our products are made in China and can provide customized services. If you need a CE certificate, we can also provide it. If you want to know more, please contact us.
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