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Horizontal high-speed grooving machine working principle


With the rapid development of China's industrial system, more and more enterprises choose to add grooving process before bending metal sheets. The grooving process has less impact on the bending structure, but it can make the bending R Angle smaller, so that when the metal sheet is spliced, the splicing edge fit degree and visual sense degree are higher. Due to the increasing market competition, customers have higher and higher requirements for product aesthetics, so the grooving process is also more and more favored by various industrial enterprises.

The main application industries of grooving process are: light industry, electrical appliances, automobiles, stainless steel processing, building decoration, elevator and other industries. In the elevator industry, the grooving process is mainly used in parts that can be seen by the naked eye, such as the call box panel, the car wall in the car, the control box panel, the front wall, the ceiling and other parts, the small size R Angle makes the components more fit, the appearance of luxury and grade (Figure 1), and the high-end passenger ladder such as hotels and office buildings is widely used.

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