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CNC Press Brake

JM is a leading China CNC Press Brake manufacturers and suppliers. HARSLE is the professional factory which endeavor to manufacture eligible brake press machine for all customers in the world. Its CNC press brake is the best choice for the startup company to save money or anyone who wants to use the machine in the easy way. 

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Product Description

JM is CNC Press Brake manufacturers and suppliers in China who can wholesale CNC Press Brake. The press brake manufactured by the Chinese manufacturer JIANMENG is a mechanical device that is used for bending and forming metal sheets into a desired shape. It is widely used in the metal fabrication industry for producing complex and precise shapes from metal sheets.

Machine model and number of control shafts

Number of control axes: 4+1

Reserved intelligent bending manipulator interface function

Main configuration of the machine

The high-performance servo hydraulic system of Rexroth in Germany controls the synchronization of left and right cylinders.

Both sides are equipped with ATEK GIVI grating ruler to detect synchronous position feedback.

Rear stopper is equipped with high-performance servo motor and ball screw.

Main imported accessories of CNC Press Brake

- CNC system: Netherlands DELEM

- Hydraulic system: Rexroth

- Grating ruler: GIVI

- High pressure oil pump: SUNNY

- Low-voltage apparatus: Schneider

- Oil pipe joint: DEGUO

- Seal: Parker

Main technical parameters of the machine:

1. Nominal pressure KN 1300
2 Bending Langth mm 3000
3 Colum spacing mm 1300
4. cylinder stroke mm 120
5. Maximm opening heigh mm 370
6 throat depth mm 25
7 slide motion speed carrying idler m/ 18
8 working mm /s 10
9 retun trip mm/s 16
10 Main motor power(national standard KN 5.5
11 8lide Yl,Y2accuracy 8lider repeat acct ac! mm ≤±0.01
12 8lide positioning accuracy mm ≤±0.02

Features and functions of CNC system

DA53T of DELEM can control 4+1 axes, namely Y1 axis, Y2 axis, X axis, R axis and V axis

All-metal shell, the latest fashion shape

Advanced embedded CPU hardware technology

Calculation of product development length

More than 7000 programs and mold libraries, 99 work steps for each program

Support internet access

Chinese and English language selection

Integrated machine tool operation panel

The blanking length of the bending workpiece can be calculated automatically.

The bending pressure will be automatically calculated and adjusted by the computer according to the length or thickness of the workpiece.

Technical characteristics of equipment

The numerical control system controls the opening size of the proportional valve, and the proportional valve regulates the oil inlet of the left and right oil cylinders. The Y1 and Y2 axes -- the left and right sides of the slide block are respectively equipped with the GIVI high-precision linear grating scale (Y1-Y2) of the European ATEK company, which is used to measure the exact distance between the slide block and the workbench. The grating scale and the column are soft connected, and the column deformation will not affect the positioning. The position data is immediately fed back to the CNC system, which can calculate the output servo valve control signal (S1-S2). Thus, the positioning accuracy of slider is ≤±0.02mm.

In order to ensure the good machining accuracy of the workpiece, the mechanical worktable compensation mechanism is specially adopted: the new wave type mechanical deflection compensation device can form a cluster of ideal position convex curves, and the precise bulge of the device can be automatically controlled by the numerical control system when machining parts of different thickness or length, thus ensuring the good accuracy when machining the workpiece. The compensation 

● Quick clamping device

● Convenient and fast mold replacement

● Reduce labor intensity

● Improve productivity

device has not only the NC horizontal automatic compensation function but also the vertical manual compensation adjustment function.

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